Carpet as Excellent Sound Absorber: Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Carpet as Excellent Sound Absorber

Scientific study confirms that noise or too much sound has effect in people’s well-being and in health. Noise can also affect the ability to concentrate and in some worst scenarios it may even cause pain and hardness of hearing.  If you want to reduce the noise or sound inside your office, one of the best things […]

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Affordable and Convenient Carpet Tile Installed in Pasig City

Carpet Installed in Pasig City, Philippines

Most of the offices nowadays preferred using carpet tile rather than wall to wall carpet. A carpet tile is a small shaped carpet laid as tiles to covers a floor. Carpet tiles offer many advantages over traditional carpet due to its affordability and very convenient flooring. Our client from Pasig City, Philippines ordered carpet tile for […]

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Carpet Installed In San Antonio, Paranaque City


The most significant benefit of carpet is the comfort, walking into a carpeted room provides you a comfortable, cozy and welcomed feeling. Carpets come in so many colors and styles, so that you can choose what best suits into your room. It also adds decorative element into your room. Carpet is also known for the […]

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Installation of Carpet for Classic Theme Room: Muntinlupa City

Red Carpet for Classic Theme Room

Classic design is one of the timeless motifs that are bringing pure elegance that can be used in any part of the house. Because of the amazing beauty of classic theme, it draws a lot of attention and interest of many people around the world including Philippines. In creating this design, it usually needs a […]

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Wall-to-wall Carpet as Convenient Floor Covering: UP Village, Quezon City

Wall-to-wall Carpet / Broadloom Carpet Flooring

If ever you are planning to purchase carpet, consider where you want to install them. The carpets will vary in thickness and density. The thinner type of carpet can often see in offices, gym and other high traffic areas. Carpet also provides a degree of thermal insulation at the same time comfortable pathway for people […]

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How to Clean and Deodorize your Carpet: Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Easy to Clean and Deodorize Carpet from DS Windows & Walls

We know that the most effective method of keeping your carpet clean and make it last a long time is by using vacuum regularly. In fact, they recommend vacuuming three or more times per week. One of our clients from Fort Bonifacio, Taguig selected wall-to-wall carpet: CR 630 Red: Korona, which made up of 100% […]

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Carpet Tile for Easy Installation: San Juan City

DS Windows Home and Office Carpet

The majority of your interior looks will depend on your flooring. When entering a house, the first thing that people will notice is the comfortable feeling on the floor while they are walking. There are varieties of materials for flooring, e.g. laminated wood, ceramic tile, wood craft and carpet. Carpets are the most fashionable and […]

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Neutral Color of Carpet Flooring for Safe Interior: Malate Manila

Installation of Carpet at Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Decorate your home with color. Step outside your ground and add a gush of color into your space or try to adopt the new color scheme. Continues color of Carpet can make a room bigger and spacious to look at and neutral color like beige and light shades are the safest color for any interior. […]

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Carpet Tile for your Workplace: Ayala Avenue, Makati City

Latitude Carpet Tile in Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines

If ever you are planning to purchase carpet tile, consider where you want to install them. The tiles will vary in thickness and density. The thinner type of carpet tiles are often seen in offices, gym and other high traffic areas. Carpet tile also provide a degree of thermal insulation at the same time comfortable […]

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Carpet Flooring Installation in Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay Island, Philippines

Last year, we had a client from Boracay, Philippines who purchased carpet from our company, DS Windows & Walls Interior Supply. It was our pleasure to gain various positive comments about our carpet product. Aside from its durability, its affordable price makes us win with our competitors. Not only our products itself make us popular […]

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