Warmth and Luxury: How Wood Blinds Can Transform Your Living Room – Mandaluyong Installation

Wood blinds Mandaluyong

More than to enhance, people nowadays look for things that can transform. Aside from making things better to make the most out of its use or purpose, people also seek to remodel or alter things to turn them into something different or unique. This is why today’s blog features real wood blinds and their transformative properties as seen in our Mandaluyong installation. 

Real wood blinds, from its name, are made out of real lumber customized into thinner slats to make it into window coverings. From this process of making wood blinds alone, transformation is already an evident attribute. Additionally wood blinds are also composed of a headrail which allows the adjusting of the slats and a bottom rail which has bigger weight to provide stability to the wood blinds. Ladder cords are the vertical cords allowing the slats to move in unison. These are usually found at the back of the slats or is the cord that connects them to the headrail. Lift cords, on the other hand, is the mechanism that allows the slats to be compiled by raising them and these are the cords that allow the slats to be lowered so that it may cover desired areas. 

The first benefit from real wood blinds is their durability. These are made up of either hardwoods or softwoods that allow the item to last for years and even decades. An advantage tied to this is that the purchase of wood blinds is evidently sustainable and wise. As discussed, wood blinds have components that allow users to adjust the slats. This relates to these blinds being a good choice for flexible light control and adjustment. As such, wood blinds are obviously a great tool to maintain a room’s privacy. Also, because these blinds are made of sustainable materials, they are an eco-friendly choice and are good insulators. Through these blinds, warm air during summer can be kept out and maintain warm air inside during cooler seasons. Having these established, wood blinds have good functions, making it cost-effective.

Moving forward to aesthetic benefits, these blinds are low maintenance. One could dust it or spot clean it from time to time to maintain its natural look. Because these are made of timber, they project a classy timeless look, despite the style of a room’s interior. This is where transformation comes in. As wood blinds are adaptable anywhere you put it, they could give a room an alfresco feel but maintain the luxury of it. Woods are part of outdoor sceneries and wood components in a home could give anyone the warmth and cool vibe of the nature outside. The best thing about this is that one could experience luxury at the same time. Wood-like house tools or decor gives off a sophisticated impression and complements any interior.

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