Folding Door and Its Unique and Useful Usage: Global City, Taguig

Folding Door Installed in Global City, Taguig

Accordion door was introduced in the market around 1950’s, but until now historian does not know where it started and who discovered it. One of the earliest sellers of accordion door was found in New York around 1954. Nowadays, accordion door is really in demand and very popular. In the Philippines, people are starting to […]

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PVC Accordion Door as Space-saver and Convenient Door in Muntinlupa

Installation of PVC Accordion Door in Muntinlupa, Philippines

The space-saver PVC Accordion Doors / PVC Folding Doors are appropriate for household bathrooms and kitchens.  It provides years of quality service and are guaranteed to last for about ten years. The PVC Accordion Door heights are easy to adjust by cutting the panels and width can be fixed by adding or removing door panels. […]

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Accordion Door as Space Saver Door – Los Baños, Laguna

Accordion Door Installed at Laguna City, Philippines

Space is the primary problem of individual living in a small house. Our client from Laguna City, Philippines opted for an Accordion Door instead of a traditional hinged door to fully use and maximizes her space at home. Accordion Door helps her to save space because its design is an effective solution for smaller homes. […]

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