PVC Accordion Door in Rosario, Pasig City: More Convenient rather than Wood and Glass Type of Door

PVC Folding Door Installed in Rosario, Pasig

Installing accordion door is more convenient rather than having a wood door or glass door in your home. Wood and glass doors are heavier to open. They also create a loud sound whenever you closed it quickly and also expensive, which is not practical especially now when our economy is down.

Our client from Rosario, Pasig City purchased PVC accordion door for their commercial area. This type of  door is very easy and very light to operate unlike wood and glass door because it is made up of light material called PVC or polyvinyl chloride. It is also supported by rollers inserted in a track that attached on top for easy sliding. It can be installed in any part of your home that needed division or door, best in humid areas like kitchen, laundry and bathroom since PVC is waterproof. The main purpose of accordion door is for division, making it applicable for home, schools, offices and other wide space areas. PVC accordion door offers different types and colors that will complement in any home type.

Folding Door Deluxe - Color Teak

Folding Door Deluxe – Color Teak

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