Uses of Accordion Door : OPL Building, Makati City, Philippines

Deluxe Folding Door, Pine in Color

DS Windows & Walls have various designs of Custom Accordion door available. We have the Regular, Deluxe, and French. All of them are best to use for they are efficient and affordable for any residential, commercial and industrial areas. Accordion doors can be used for closet doors, room dividers, see-through partitions and in any areas you want […]

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Accordion Door as Space-Saving Door at Makati City, Philippines

Accordion door, french type, half glass-bevel, half embossed, type B

DS Windows & Walls offers you a space-saving door known as accordion door or simply folding door. To figure it out, accordion door consist of folding panels which are associated by a flexible strip wherein it can be stretch and constrict which allow doors to fold. If you don’t want to obstruct the light, you […]

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Installation of Accordion Door at Sta. Mesa Manila

Installed Accordion Door at Sta. Mesa Manila Philippines

Nowadays, modern homes like condos and apartments do not have abundant space area and using ordinary door can consume a lot of space. If you wish to maximize the area of your room for your furniture and wish that every nook or space is efficiently used, then it is the time for you to replace […]

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