Discovering the Timeless Charm of Beige Fabric Vertical Blinds : Makati Installation

Beige fabric vertical blinds

Classic, timeless and elegant. This is the efficient approach to maintain an impressionable and functional interior. Opting for efficiency in design is cost-effective, sustainable and can even improve the overall look of an interior. The main contributor to timelessness is the use of neutral colors like beige, cream, gray and even black. To explore more […]

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Fabric Vertical Blinds for Health Centers and Dental Clinics

Fabric Vertical Blinds for Health Clinics

Aside from being the main venues for medicinal care, health care centers and dental clinics also require spotless and safe areas to ensure that no bacteria or risk will further endanger clients. This is why it is common to find hospitals clean and sanitized as often as possible. Contributing to keeping things neat-looking and orderly, […]

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Blackout Material Fabrics: Vertical Blinds Vs Roller Shades – Pasay City Installation

Many people don’t fully understand the difference between blinds and shades.  Most consider it as just the same thing with different names. Both blinds and shades are window treatments for all kinds of windows; however they describe two different qualities of window coverings. Blinds is a window treatment that’s composed of horizontal or vertical slats […]

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Choosing Fabric Vertical Blinds Over Curtains – Taguig City

Installation of Fabric Vertical Blinds in Taguig City, Philippines

Changing window curtains every week is a total distress to busy homeowners. Most of our client’s sentiments when buying blinds are their huge and heavy curtain at home. Each homeowner has their own story of suffering when cleaning their curtains. Our client from Taguig City, Philippines who opted for Fabric Vertical Blinds found our company […]

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