Blackout Roller Blinds for Summer & Wet Season: Las Piñas City

Installed Blackout Roller Blinds in Las Pinas City, Philippines

In the Philippines, the country’s tropical summer months starts from March to May and around second week of June is the start of Philippines’ wet season. Window shades are highly needed during summer to prevent extreme solar gain, reduce overheating and lessen higher electricity bills. Too much UV rays is dangerous to our health and […]

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Roller Blinds: the Great Heat Regulator in Makati City, Philippines

Roller Blinds: A4502 BEIGE

Do you have a floor to ceiling and a big and wide window at home? Perhaps finding for the right window dressing is quite difficult. Sometimes, the stocks of a ready-made curtains or blinds for complicated windows are quite tricky. Most ready-made window dressings are too small and others are too wide for that type […]

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Roller Blinds and the Psychology of Color – Imus, Cavite

Roller Blinds "H335 Dark Cherry" Installed at Imus Cavite, Philippines

Do you feel uneasy in a red color? Does the color yellow make you feel calm and comfortable? Interior designers and artists have their own explanations on how colors can affect mood, feelings and emotions of every individual. Color is the powerful communication tool that can persuade mood and cause physiological reactions in our mind […]

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Light Color of Roller Blinds for Condominiums: Makati, Metro Manila

Chic and Modern Roller Blinds for Condominiums

Almost all people have different taste when it comes to color and designs in decorating home. Our client from Makati, Metro Manila has a problem in choosing blinds for their condominium. She likes a Green Roller blinds, but unfortunately, her husband does not like the color and wants black. When they visited our showroom at […]

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Roller Blinds for Kid’s Room- Batangas City, Philippines

Installation of Roller Blinds at Batangas City, Philippines

The mind and the way of thinking of children are still quite limited and immature. Because of their young age, their understanding has some limitation and restrictions and their ego is not yet developed. Kids need plenty of love and care from their parents and assuring that kids will be nurture in good way is […]

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Sunscreen Roller Shades for Penthouses: Rockwell, Makati City

Sunscreen Roller Shades Installation in Rockwell, Makati City, Philippines

They say that penthouse is an amazing oasis for relaxation for those people who loves to stay in high places like units on top of condominiums. Most things placed in penthouse are comfortable to the eyes and owners are very creative and have wonderful interior ideas for their units. However, some are contented on what […]

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