Office Blinds Sunscreen and Blackout Fabric Combination

Office Blinds Supplier Double Mechanism

Recently, we were awarded the project for installation of blackout roller blinds in Ortigas, Pasig City of an international company that supplies advance industrial pumps with 83 companies accessible to 56 countries so it’s a pretty big company. Related posts Roller Blinds For Your Toddler’s Room: San Juan City (0) Roller Blinds for Glass Wall […]

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Light Colors Only Restrictions for Window Treatment of Condo

Blackout out blinds white colored in the outside, your preferred color in the inside

So your new condo unit has been turned over to you finally after about 4 years of payments of your hard-earned money. It is time to decorate your new haven with those fancy furniture and decor, flooring, wall treatments, and of course your window treatment or curtains that you’ve been eyeing for the past years […]

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Roller Blinds For Your Toddler’s Room: San Juan City

Roller Blinds Installed in Old Balara, Quezon City

Toddler’s behavior can be surprising, entertaining and sometimes frustrating, but as a parent it is our responsibility to solve all their negative behavior, we should teach them how to control their emotions especially in public. Toddlers usually gets irritated and moody, they also don’t know how to control their actions every time they feel glad […]

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Blackout Roller Blinds for Summer & Wet Season: Las Piñas City

Installed Blackout Roller Blinds in Las Pinas City, Philippines

In the Philippines, the country’s tropical summer months starts from March to May and around second week of June is the start of Philippines’ wet season. Window shades are highly needed during summer to prevent extreme solar gain, reduce overheating and lessen higher electricity bills. Too much UV rays is dangerous to our health and […]

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Rainy Season in the Philippines: Blackout Roller Blinds Installation at Ermita, Manila

Blackout Roller Blinds Installed at Ermita Manila , Philippines

Strong winds, heavy rains, floods, landslide, etc.; Metro Manila and other nearby areas of Northern Luzon suffered that all a couple of weeks ago. Because of the southwest monsoon enhanced by a low-pressure area, many people suffered and lost their shelter, livelihood and even their loved ones. Because of these, many families trapped in evacuation […]

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Blackout Roller Blinds for Nursery Room: New Manila

Blackout Roller Blinds for Nursery Room

Decorating baby’s room are really so exciting and mind wracking while experiencing a heavy task of choosing the best baby’s room interior to use especially if you are a newly parents. You always want the best for your baby; including nursery bedding, nursery furniture, nursery wallpaper, etc. Parents who want to make sure that their […]

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