Blackout Roller Blinds for Nursery Room: New Manila

Blackout Roller Blinds for Nursery Room

Decorating baby’s room are really so exciting and mind wracking while experiencing a heavy task of choosing the best baby’s room interior to use especially if you are a newly parents. You always want the best for your baby; including nursery bedding, nursery furniture, nursery wallpaper, etc. Parents who want to make sure that their […]

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Roller Blinds for Glass Wall – Cavite City, Philippines

Roller Blinds : W5001 White

In covering large windows or glass walls, you have to consider the weight of the blinds you’re choosing. Heavy blinds like Wood and Faux wood blinds are not advisable for large windows because it is quite hard and heavy when it comes to raising and lowering it. As many homeowners observed, heavy blinds are difficult […]

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Binangonan Rizal, Manila: Roller Shades as an Excellent Window Treatment

Sunscreen Roller Shades

Roller shades are still the most simple and straight-forward solution for a window treatment despite of the fact that many high-tech options emerging in the market nowadays. There are various unique benefits of roller shades depending on the materials used. Roller Shades with sunscreen material of DS Windows and Walls are ideal for environmentally conscious […]

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Roller Window Blinds at One Corporate Center Pasig City

Window dressings play an important part when beautifying a room, protecting it from glare or UV radiation and providing a complete privacy. Roller blinds are becoming more popular nowadays. It can be used not only for residential but for commercial as well. Roller blinds can easily and quickly be pulled down to control unwanted heat […]

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