Light Color of Roller Blinds for Condominiums: Makati, Metro Manila

Chic and Modern Roller Blinds for Condominiums

Almost all people have different taste when it comes to color and designs in decorating home. Our client from Makati, Metro Manila has a problem in choosing blinds for their condominium. She likes a Green Roller blinds, but unfortunately, her husband does not like the color and wants black. When they visited our showroom at […]

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Roller Blinds for Kid’s Room- Batangas City, Philippines

Installation of Roller Blinds at Batangas City, Philippines

The mind and the way of thinking of children are still quite limited and immature. Because of their young age, their understanding has some limitation and restrictions and their ego is not yet developed. Kids need plenty of love and care from their parents and assuring that kids will be nurture in good way is […]

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Installation of Roller Blinds at Wine Depot: Bel-Air, Makati City

Sunscreen Roller Blinds Installation at Wine Depot

Roller Blinds are being undefeated despite of its simplicity. Up-to-date materials and designs are one of the reasons why Roller Blinds keep on being on top of the myriad window treatments in the market nowadays. Due to its unique features, Roller Blinds are suitable for either residential or commercial areas. Roller Blinds are commonly seen […]

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Rainy Season in the Philippines: Blackout Roller Blinds Installation at Ermita, Manila

Blackout Roller Blinds Installed at Ermita Manila , Philippines

Strong winds, heavy rains, floods, landslide, etc.; Metro Manila and other nearby areas of Northern Luzon suffered that all a couple of weeks ago. Because of the southwest monsoon enhanced by a low-pressure area, many people suffered and lost their shelter, livelihood and even their loved ones. Because of these, many families trapped in evacuation […]

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Roller Blinds for Your Home and Office: Cavite City, Philippines

Roller Blinds Installation at Cavite City, Philippines

Roller Blinds made to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and at the same time deliver comfort and peace while relaxing. Its fabric material is designed to allow the air to go in and out. Roller blinds are also one of the modern materials to control direct heat of sunlight and unwanted light from outside […]

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