Blinds vs Curtains: Installation of Blinds in Taguig City, Philippines

Roller Blinds

Windows in our home can sometimes work with us, and sometimes against us, when it comes to the weather. You will definitely come up thinking whether you’ll choose a curtain or blinds.

Curtains are aesthetically striking and can give the room an air of sophistication but it takes up more space than blinds.  Molds are often close to rooms like bathrooms and kitchen due to moisture in the air when it comes to curtain.In addition, curtains fall down on their versatility in the long run, and it can be difficult for us to match the same set of curtains to our new wallpaper and home furnishings.



However if you will opt for blinds this will tend to be more versatile and generally don’t need to be replaced at times you decide to remodel your room because they have the artistic appeal that suit a modern home. Blinds gives you the chance to combine contemporary design and practicality, it can be used to block all light, take up least amount of space and don’t require regular cleaning while the curtain is opposite.

You can also combine blinds with curtains and it does look stunning as well. Photo of Roller blinds above are from one of our clients in Taguig City, Philippines who opted for a sunscreen material.

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