Korean Blinds as Best Alternative to Curtains for Houses : Paranaque Installation

Korean blinds Paranaque installation

May it be for easier room light adjustment, interior aesthetics or simply for its convenient use, combi blinds, also called zebra blinds, are the best option aside from traditionally used curtains. Featured in today’s article is our client from Paranaque who decided to go all out with our P503 brown Korean blinds to accentuate their house’s interior. 

Because we now thrive in technologically evolving times, upgrades and easy-to-use items are prevalent and in-demand. Combi blinds now serve as the best alternative to curtains for houses. These blinds are called zebra blinds for their alternating light and dark mesh that enables one to adjust a room’s lighting as aligned to their preferences. This characteristic alone provides both its suitable and decorative use. 

Before diving into some of the product’s specifications, let us first run down how these Korean blinds gave the client’s interior an ornamentally stylish look. Along with the brown color of the combi blinds itself came the same shade of the house’s furniture, floors and appliances which greatly complemented the subtle green shade coming from their garden. The style of the chosen Korean blinds gave the house a very open and refreshing look and significantly made it look more spacious and less humid.

As from the illustrations, the house’s blinds are installed on the windows of the lounge and dining as well as on their sliding door. Needless to say, this shows that these alternative- to-curtain-blinds go well with any part of the house. May it be blinds for the kitchen, blinds for the receiving area and even the bedroom, these products will surely serve their purpose. The amusing thing with the house’s design is that while it was designed to look tropical, the blinds did the opposite and gave it a cool look. 

This P503 brown Korean blinds from the Rock III Series has a solid of 85mm and a mesh of 55mm which means that its dark mesh is higher than the lighter one. Meaning, it is appropriate to cover the interior from the sunlight and sun’s heat, especially with the client’s open house design. More significantly, the ultraviolet and solar blocking properties of the material are within the Standard Test Methods for Solar Energy Transmittance and Reflectance (Terrestrial) of Sheet Materials at more than 99%. This infers that the materials of the blinds are resistant to heat and other potential damages. Additionally, the color fastness of the combi blinds are above grade 4, meaning it is not subject to immediate washing off of the color and proves the material’s durability. 

Korean Blinds

This model of the Losa Prime-S Supreme Blackout is also available in the colors ivory, green, gray and choco. 

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