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Korean Combi Blinds for Work from Home Setup

The COVID-19 crisis drastically changed the way we do things and this includes how we do our school or office work. From this, the 52% of remote workers in the Philippines before 2020 significantly increased to 85% during the pandemic. Such situations made us realize that remote working can be more convenient for certain jobs and more efficient for different businesses. This is why, for today’s article, we shall go into Korean combi blinds as used for the work from home setup or the WFH scheme of our Makati client.

To put our feature into context, let’s discuss how Korean blinds will be able to enhance the WFH environment of our client in terms of sunlight, heat, privacy and security and maintenance. Sunlight and heat are crucial to point out because clients will be working, therefore they need a proper environment, and external factors like these can be put out of the way through combi blinds. Privacy and security are also essential in cases when an employee’s tasks in work require confidentiality and discrete treatment. Maintenance of blinds are also considered because some workloads are heavy and cleaning blinds must now hinder users from their more important agendas.

As we are familiar, Korean combi blinds are those which consist of alternating sheer and opaque panels, allowing better light control and flexible use. Such are attached to a top casing, making it available to be rolled as a one big blind to cover windows. These are relatively easy to operate and are known to be available in a wide variety of designs and color. It is also notable how these blinds are easily adaptable to any interior design, making it more useful and customizable to customers.
In a Remote work statistics 2022 as reported by Pumble, it is mentioned that 73% of workers in the work-from-home scheme use their home office while 39% use their bedroom to do their work. From this, it can be highlighted that it is important to keep one’s working space ideal for carrying out tasks and a place for focus and attentiveness. If sunlight and heat gets in the way, employees may lose their concentration or compromise the quality of their work because they are distracted by these factors. This is where the combi blinds come in.

Through the Korean blinds, workers wouldn’t need to worry about the glaring heat and light from outside. They can simply roll the blinds and use the solid parts of it to avoid inconveniences. Problems are easily solved because clients have the proper house tool for it. On the other hand, if employees find themselves in burnout or in need of an outside view, they can simply roll up the blinds or make use of its translucent sheets for a better view and natural lighting. 

As previously mentioned, the privacy and security that can be provided by blinds are a factor because of the nature of their job which may require confidentiality in the data they are processing. Other than that, privacy is also a must because home office spaces are also personal spaces and it is important that such are properly covered from anyone’s uninvited views. 

Korean combi blinds are easy to maintain because it only needs cleaning every few weeks as stated in an article by The Furnishing Shop. This is highly convenient because clients with both office work and house chores should not worry about something that should be helping them in the first place. A product is cost-efficient and effective when it serves its purpose for a significant amount of time. 

The Makati project above is from the Natural 3 series which are available in colors like blue, green, yellow, gray, orange, jade, pink, olive, red, violet, maroon. See more of them through this link: https://www.carpet.com.ph/portfolio/natural-3/

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