Change the Aura of your Room with Combi Blinds – Makati City

Combi Blinds Installed at Makati City, Philippines

When I was young, I love to visit my grandparent’s house every end of the week and always share a snack together every mid-afternoon. I always crave for my grandmother’s delicious Bibingka (a popular and delicious Filipino rice cake) recipe. Bibingka and mango juice was my favourite snack when I was on my grandparent’s house and the two wooden chairs on their small living room was my favourite snack area.  They also have wide windows where I usually hang out during my free time; however it is only covered by a curtain which causes their wooden chairs to warp and crack. I suddenly remembered those memories when we visited a client in Makati City who had same living room setting with my grandparents. I encouraged them to have an alternative to curtain for it cannot protect their furniture to the direct sun rays. They opted for Combi Blinds for their window located at living area. Aside from being functional in blocking sun rays, Combi Blinds can also create a good aura and add beauty to your interior.

Beside the door is a small rectangular window where we installed the Combi Blinds and in front of it was two small wooden chairs. I found it very simply amazing; simple wall painting with a cool nature theme.  The blending of Combi Blinds, wall painting and wood decors and furniture create a refreshing atmosphere at the same time uplift the aura of the room and bring elegance and beauty to their living area.

Combi Blinds:G302 Rattan Installed at Makati City, Philippines

Combi Blinds:G302 Rattan Installed at Makati City, Philippines

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