Combi Blinds and Feng Shui Philosophy: Antipolo City, Philippines

Combi Blinds Installed at Antipolo City,Philippines

Windows are said to be the “Eye of the Home”. Interior decorators can help choosing the best type of window treatment for a room. Selecting the right blinds can greatly improve the environment inside your room. Window treatment should be designed in a way that the residents can easily control large quantity of daylight in and keep light out of the area at night.

According to Feng shui principles, the interior decor of your living space can influence and affect your energy level, mood and state of mind. Managing your room into correct fashion will contribute effectively towards your goal of achieving a balanced set of mind. If you are abiding by the feng shui philosophy, you are sure of the fact that you need to be careful with your windows arrangement as they are the gateways. If we said Gateways in feng shui, it is the passes of the chi (good energy) and sha chi (bad energy or bad vibes) in our home.

Combi Blinds: G327 Walnut

Combi Blinds: G327 Walnut

To be able to maintain the flowing of good energy into our home, windows should be in proper places and at the same time, windows should be dressed properly to make every resident comfortable while resting. Combi blinds can be used to dress your window in an affordable way. It is consist of different colors and designs to match your motif and lifestyle. Combi Blinds consist of transparent and opaque parts where you can easily control the flow of light into your room. For free Estimate and Quotation, feel free to reach us at  (02) 403-3262 or 0916-311-3909 or visit our kiosks at 4th level Waltermart, Makati and 3rd level Robinson’s Metro East, Pasig City or you can email us at