Double Roller Blinds: Sunscreen and blackout combination

Double roller blinds

It is no doubt that most of us are already accustomed to phrases like “matchy-matchy”, “the more the merrier”, “a good match” or a “match made in heaven” to describe a pair of things or people that look good together. The same thought follows the focus of today’s blog. Today, the excellent combination of sunscreen and blackout blinds shall be highlighted as the components of double roller blinds. 

Double roller blinds are also commonly known as dual mech roller blinds because as its name implies, these consist of two types of fabric placed over one another for a more flexible use. These two blinds are a different kind from one another as each has its own purpose and light control features. This is operated through a double roller blinds bracket which allows users to roll the blinds up or roll them down, depending on intended use.

In this article, the combination of double roller blinds fabric to be discussed will be the sunscreen blinds and the blackout ones. Sunscreen fabrics are translucent and allow a good view of the environment outside an interior. These are best used for bigger windows and patio doors. Despite this, such blinds still provide a good 95% protection from UV rays and protect house appliances and furniture. They are also known insulators, making its use efficient for clients.

Another element of today’s feature is the blackout fabric. Unlike the semitransparent feature of sunscreen ones, these give a hundred percent blockage from sunlight and are good to use for elevated rooms or interiors. These are also best known for entertainment rooms and for bedrooms so that room spacers will be comfortable in viewing movies and sleeping properly. These are also a great choice if users aim to maximize protection from sunlight. 

In the case of double roller blinds, users can easily take advantage of the benefits of both blackout and sunscreen blinds. They can simply adjust the blinds to their liking and cover or see the view from outside. In the installation for our client, the dual mech roller blinds are installed for their patio doors and full-sized windows which is advantageous in every way possible because clients still have a good view of their lawn outside and may simply roll down the blinds of their preference if too much light penetrates the room. 

Users may use the sunscreen fabric for controlled light intake and then may roll down the blackout ones if they want to block off the view inside. Both blinds can be rolled down at night to provide the clients both privacy and security. It is also notable that the blinds improved the look of the room and added to its aesthetic tones. 

Further, for better use of these double roller blinds, it is advised that the blackout fabrics be installed right in front of the windows or doors. This is because these provide better blockage not just from the light outside but also to cover the other paraphernalia from the double roller blinds itself. The double roller blinds installed for our client are in the shade R6042 and A4502.

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