Change the Aura of your Room with Combi Blinds – Makati City

Combi Blinds Installed at Makati City, Philippines

When I was young, I love to visit my grandparent’s house every end of the week and always share a snack together every mid-afternoon. I always crave for my grandmother’s delicious Bibingka (a popular and delicious Filipino rice cake) recipe. Bibingka and mango juice was my favourite snack when I was on my grandparent’s house […]

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Decorative Combi Blinds for Kitchen Windows – Angono Rizal

Combi Blinds Installed at Angono Rizal, Philippines

Our kitchen still needs privacy and style, that’s why most homeowners are deciding to have the best kind of window treatment that is suitable for their kitchen. A durable window treatment like Combi blinds can add a true look of luxury and a much comfortable feel and ambiance to your kitchen. With Combi blinds in […]

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Change your Room Style with Combi Blinds: Muntinlupa City

Combi Blinds Installed at Muntinlupa City, Philippines

Photos are from one of our clients at Muntinlupa City, Philippines who opted for G326 Cherry code of Combi Blinds. Tired of boring and dull style of room? Try transforming your room using window blinds. Improper arrangement of furniture and dull walls can’t attract and satisfy any-one’s senses. It is the most reason why other […]

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Combi Blinds and Feng Shui Philosophy: Antipolo City, Philippines

Combi Blinds Installed at Antipolo City,Philippines

Windows are said to be the “Eye of the Home”. Interior decorators can help choosing the best type of window treatment for a room. Selecting the right blinds can greatly improve the environment inside your room. Window treatment should be designed in a way that the residents can easily control large quantity of daylight in […]

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Combi Blinds Installation at the Beautiful City of Laguna

Have you ever purchased a set of blinds and on a second taught you’ve wished that you could vary the amount of the light that comes in as opposed to just blocking out the light completely?  DS Windows and Walls Interior Supply is the answer because we INSTALL and SUPPLY Combi Blinds. Combi Blinds combines […]

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Pasay City, Manila: The Final Touch of a Room using Combi Blinds

Partially Open Combi Blinds with a Code G102 Cream

The overall beauty and aesthetic of a house depends on the window coverings perfect display of light and color. Every single detail inside your home say something about you, however, the final words are always spoken by the windows. For your home not to look dull, proper balance of your home accessories and choosing window […]

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Blue, Beige, Pink Color Combi-Blinds at Diliman, Quezon City

Installed Combi-Blinds at Diliman, Quezon City

Modernization is inevitable changes which takes place day by day in our daily activities. For a modern window treatment, we can offer you the latest design of internal shading system which emerging in the market nowadays. DS Windows and Walls’ offers the Combi-Blinds or simply known as Combi Double Shades. Combi-Blinds provide you fashionable design […]

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