Decorate Your Modern Home Window with Elegant Wood Blinds

Wooden Blinds Installed at Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Wood Blinds comes into different choices of colors to provide homeowners a privilege to mix and match it with their home interior. Wood Blinds are not only for those houses who had wood motif, but also nice if you will try to mix with some of your modern interior at home. Our client in Mandaluyong […]

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Wood Blinds and its Benefits – Navotas City, Philippines

Wood Blinds Installed in Navotas City, Philippines

Wood blinds are one of the most elegant window treatments nowadays. Various establishments used Wood blinds due to various unbeatable benefits it brings. With the use of wood, the amount of consumed fossil fuels and raw materials can be reduced. Wood is completely biodegradable and serves as a great insulator in residential and commercial areas. […]

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Wooden Blinds as Most Home Decorators Choice – Malabon City

Wooden Blinds Installed at Malabon Metro Manila, Philippines

Most of home decorators use the principle of unity, emphasis, variety and rhythm to be able to create a room that is not only artificially pleasing, but also conducive to the health and happiness of the residents. Home decorators ensure that every improvement they do can add a harmonious decor that can turn a room […]

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Wooden Blinds for White Interior – Marikina Heights, Marikina City

Wooden Blinds Installed at Marikina City , Philippines

White color is commonly associated to cleanliness, purity, happiness, etc. For interior designers, white is always part of their life even if it’s dirty white, funky white and so on because they cannot mix other colors if white is absent. A certain client of ours from Marikina City, Philippines really loves white. Most of his […]

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Wooden Blinds as an Eco Friendly & Perfect Choice: Taguig City

Installation of Wooden Blinds at Taguig City, Philippines

Wooden Blinds are made of eco-friendly material, which is an advantage not only to the blinds owner but also to the whole humanity. Wooden blinds are practical material to modify the natural lights that enters our room. Using wooden blinds will help us lessen the amount of plastic or metal used as our house materials. […]

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Wood Blinds for Wood Home Motif: Pasig City, Philippines

Wood Blinds Installation at Pasig City, Philippines

Customized the look of your living room with wood furniture! If you have a wood or tile flooring with an interesting design, paired with stunning wood furniture in your living room, your wood home motif is simply not complete without the use of wood blinds too. As we see in the photos below, wood blinds […]

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Wooden Blinds and Its Incomparable Advantages: Cavite City

Installed Real Wood Blinds at Cavite City, Philippines

Despite of the fact that faux wood blinds or fake wood blinds are commonly used nowadays  as an alternative  to wooden blinds or real wood, our satisfied customers still insist that the richness of hues, textures and luxury that real wood blinds can offer are truly incomparable and unbeatable compared to the fake one. DS […]

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