The Pleated White Combi Blinds Matched with Brick Style Wallpaper

For this article we are featuring the pleated white combi blinds that’s creatively matched with white brick wallpaper. The pleat style combi blinds is achieved during manufacturing process by folding multiple fabrics together through stitching. The total effect of this pleating is what you see in the photo. Currently we have 5 colors for plated […]

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Combi Blinds and its Countless Benefits: Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Combi Blinds Instslled in the Bedroom - Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Another type of window blinds is combi blinds also known as combination blinds or zebra blinds. Combi blinds can offer us with countless benefits. This type of blinds is very popular because of its modern and stylish features that help enhance the interior of every room.  Its own unique features can also create soft mood […]

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Combi Blinds for Hotel Bath Room: Lucena City, Philippines

Combi Blinds Installed in Lucena City

The most hidden part of the house is bath room. Even though it is the most hidden part of the house, it doesn’t mean that beautifying that little space cannot be done. You can add some details like putting some ornaments or figurines. Adding plants and flowers can also add fresh look in your bathroom. […]

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Combination Blinds for Urban Areas – Pedro Cruz, San Juan

There are advantages and disadvantages living in an urban areas. The advantages are it is close to commercial establishments, schools, hospitals and it has a wide access in transportation and communications.  While the disadvantages are too much noise, pollution and over crowded, the space of the house was small  so designing and decorating their homes […]

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